If you’ve been considering trying a plant-based protein, hemp presents an excellent option. Hemp is a nutrient-dense seed that packs a protein punch of all the essential fatty acids you need for a healthy post-workout fix. One organization — whose mission is to assist U.S. veterans — has turned to hemp to support their charitable goals.

The organization is VETality, and the product they are distributing is a healthy, delicious and 100% natural formulation of hemp protein. What makes this particular product so unique is the dedicated group of people who stand behind it, and their commitment to supporting the needs of those servicemen and women who need it most. 

“Our hemp protein division is run and operated by unemployed veterans, and all the sales from the protein go to our Friendly Lines program,” says founder Michael Owen. The multipurpose charity opens doors for more than a hundred veterans per month in Florida, Texas and California, and is constantly expanding with support from the community.

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“There’s still a social faux pas around farming hemp. Even though hemp has been cultivated globally for more than 12,000 years, people see the leaf and think marijuana. But hemp is an amazing source of Omega-3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids and growing it is actually good for the land,” explains Owens. One scoop of VETality’s Hemp contains 20g of protein and 8.5g of fiber. Other added benefits include a natural increase in energy, improved metabolism and immunity, and a lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure. Additionally, a study published in the 2013 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that hemp protein is among one of the more bioavailable plant proteins out there. 

But beyond the seed is the ultimate call of duty that Owen and his friends have responded to that has aided thousands of veterans since VETality got its start in 2013. “We saw other non-profits allocating money into programs that weren’t serving veterans at all so we decided to spring up an organization that makes a direct difference in the lives of soldiers,” says Owen. “We’re proud to say that 100% of our donations go directly to programs that give unemployed veterans job opportunities and a chance to greatly improve their mental health,” he continues, and it’s his passion for hemp and helping that is changing lives every day.

Check out the video below to learn more about the various ways VETality is using its resources to help integrate veterans back into civilian life. To learn more about Vetality’s hemp protein and help make a difference in a soldier’s life, visit vetalitycorp.org. And to get in touch with someone from the organization, you can find the contact form here.