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Military Made: Fit-for-combat Workout Routine

Get strong enough for battle with this real military workout designed to push your limits.

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Military Made: Fit for Combat Workout


Second Lieutenant Joshua Stephens is no stranger to the military lifestyle—it’s in his blood. Stephens’ father was a soldier who served in Special Operations for 21 years, and he’s continuing the tradition as the family’s first officer.

“I not only want to give back to my country, but I also wanted [to be a part of] an organization that would allow me to constantly push my limitation physically and mentally, all while leading soldiers,” Stephens says.

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And he got just what he signed up for while learning, growing, and embracing all of the demands and challenges. “Being in the military means you’re not working a job, rather living a lifestyle,” he says. “You’re expected to maintain, at all times, a standard of physical fitness so that you can perform your duties as a soldier and that your unit is combat ready.”

To get a real-life idea of how soldiers train and condition themselves, we spent an afternoon with Stephens to run us through one of his routines. Stephens typically trains 5-6 days per week. The following workout is 60-90 minutes.

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Heavy Bag

60 sec
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30-minutes of mixed combination broken up with 4 sets of 35 reps of situps.
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