The Rock is Set to Star in 'Baywatch' Movie

Dwayne Johnson is set to save lives and look damn good doing it in the new 'Baywatch' movie.

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson on a Jet ski

Remember that iconic drum solo that heralded the start of Baywatch? Jimi Jamison's song "I'm Always Here" probably triggers memories for many of us of watching the band of gravity-defying female lifeguards who we all would want to save us were we in trouble in the surf. Donna D'Errico, Pamela Anderson, and Gena Lee Nolin all starred on the show and get many men's hearts racing. Then there was David Hasselhoff too (from Knight Rider to Baywatch, what a run), and not to mention the dude from The Hardy Brothers

Well, s#%t got real when The Rock confirmed on Instagram that he would be part of Baywatch the movie with this post and picture: ""This is my beach bitch!" Rumors are true... we're making #BAYWATCH the movie. Edgy, raunchy and hopefully, funny as all hell. Cue slo mo running on the beach... #WhoNeedsMouthToMouth #RedShortsBeHugginABrotha"

The Rock posted a link to a piece in The Hollywood Reporter which confirmed his involvement in the Paramount project. We're the Millers writers John Morris and Sean Anders are on board to direct, and the Trophy Wife's Justin Malen will pen the screenplay. What do you guys make of all this? Is The Rock the right man to lead a kickass team of smoking hot lifeguards to patrol the beaches of Santa Monica? We think he could be a winner here!

In a throwback themed moment, let's enjoy a minute of two of that classic Baywatch intro:


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