Training Camp With DeMarcus Ware

The Cowboy talks his workouts, rehab and spreading prostate cancer awareness.


You do Pilates for core. A lot of guys wouldn’t even touch Pilates; a lot of guys wouldn’t even consider Pilates.

At first I didn’t think about it. As a guy you always look at it as women always do Pilates. Even yoga, I do yoga too. Now I’m doing Pilates and I don’t have as much back pain and neck pain because my core is a lot stronger and it’s a lot more stable and you're using the small muscles.

In a typical workout how do you split the workout, is it always upper body and lower body?

I workout four days a week upper body then lower body and then Wednesday plyometrics then again a totally different upper body workout obviously not Wednesday but Thursday and then a whole different lower body workout on Friday.

What practical advice would you give to guys who are trying to get back in the gym after an injury?

An athlete [should] use the gym to rehabilitate themselves to get better and to make those muscles stronger. Think about it if you just had a surgery or just had an injury, you need to strengthen it back because there has been some type of traumatic problem. Use the gym to get back where you need to be to recover a lot faster.

What is the central message you and Wes Welker are trying to deliver with the Depend Players Challenge?

The main thing is to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and let people that are encountering an over active bladder know that its okay. And Depend is a great product to use. We had the Great American Try-On where athletes and celebrities tried the product on and let people know it is comfortable even us wearing it as athletes. And this year me and Wes [Welker] were in a competition for who could get the most votes for the Jimmy V Foundation. They’ve been doing research with prostate cancer for years. The winner gets 50,000 dollars donated in their name and the runner up gets 25,000 dollars. One in six people have prostate cancer let it know its an epidemic.

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