Hateful Hillary: Resentful Security Detail Laughed At Her Broken Elbow!

Hateful Hillary: Resentful Security Detail Laughed At Her Broken Elbow!

Hillary Clinton’s security detail detested the former Secretary of State — and even secretly laughed when she shattered her elbow in 2009! When Clinton was preparing to meet with President Obama seven years ago she fell and broke her elbow. “We sort of got the last laugh," one agent said. "It was kind of like payback: 'You’re treating us like sh*t. Hey, karma is a bitch!' We were smiling to ourselves.”

Clinton allegedly acted like a “diva”with her security detail — and when she took the spill, she blamed it on the agents. “She blamed us for breaking her elbow, saying it was our fault and we could have prevented that. She’s bad news,” the agent continued. The broken elbow landed Clinton in the hospital and required an operation.

The one-time bodyguard said that when Hillary first met the agents, they were specifically told not to look at her: “Don’t look at her general direction — and if you need to talk to her, keep it short and stay out of her way!”

The former secretary even exuded a level of power beyond her position, often pretending as though she were Commander-in-chief. “She was treating every stop like a campaign stop for the presidency, shaking hands with everyone and looking like a presidential nominee,” the agent said. “It was like she was running for the presidency for all the years she was secretary of state.”

The bodyguard even said Clinton was disrespectful to Obama, allegedly forcing him to wait for her at United Nations conference as she “took her nice sweet time shaking hands and schmoozing with the dignitaries.” The agent added: “She was basically saying, ‘I don’t wait for the President — the President waits for me!’"