So I haven’t given you guys a blog in a while, I’ve really been in another zone and it seems a little selfish to be honest.  Let me explain since I’ve had so many questions about the break I took, being in the hospital, where I’m at now and future plans.

I’ll start with the hospital and what happened before the Toronto show.  I was told I had gallstones and needed surgery.  After a night in the hospital I was released and told they were small and it wasn’t dangerous at all if I didn’t do it right away.  After doing my own research and talking to a few different doctors (some friends) I came to the conclusion that surgery could wait.  I was told by a number of them that as long as I stayed away from bad binge eating and kept my diet relatively clean I could be fine and not have any gallbladder attacks. 

Anyway as most of you know I followed through and did the Toronto taking 2nd to Victor Martinez.  Again I missed out on my Olympia qualification but more importantly I missed out on my first IFBB victory.  It was hard to take and it was hard to deal with for a little while after the show.  It wasn’t hard because I thought I should have won, it just sucked because I really thought I had the goods to win and Victor was a last minute entry and stole it from me.

After the poor placing at the Arnold (10th) and missing out on my first victory I really felt like I need some time to chill.  People ask why I took 6-8 weeks off after the show.  It was a few different things.  First and foremost I felt my body needed a rest since I was in the hospital only four weeks before the Toronto.  Second, I thought I needed a mental break, taking second again was a hard pill to swallow and I just wasn’t ready to get back in the gym with the fire I need to have.  Lastly, I had taken a lot of selfish time dieting for seven months and I felt like the people in my life, my wife, family, friends needed some time devoted to them.

So what did I do while I was off?  Nothing.  That’s right, I did nothing.  I barely went to the gym, I didn’t do any therapy, I only ate when I was hungry and instead of listening to my doctor I binged like a total meathead.  Don’t worry I paid for it by praying to the porcelain god on a couple different occasions.  Needless to say I’ve learned to follow doctors orders now.  I guess the break was needed for me because I’ve never really taken one.  Aside from a week here or there I have been bangin out the iron for 15 years straight without a break.  Anyone who’s watched my vids knows I don’t fuck around in the gym either so the break was mental and physical.

So here we are now, its early October and again I missed the Olympia but have big plans for next year.  I started training hard again on September 1st, I was 265lbs and now I’m weighing in at 295lbs.  Sure it’s not a pretty sight but after taking such a long layoff it’s going to take me more than a month to get my body back to where it was.  The break was good for me because I have been KILLING it in the gym.  Just destroying my body day after day.  Sure the strength isn’t all the way back yet but that doesn’t stop me from hittin the intensity hard.  I’m crazy sore every day in a different area and it feels great, I haven’t felt that since my early days of training.

The future is bright and I have plans to never miss the Olympia again as long as I’m competing.  This year’s main focus is Project IFBB Victory!  I’m sick of taking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, I want a win and I think I have the goods to deliver.  As of right now I have my sights set on the NY Pro and Toronto and then the Olympia.  See what I did there lol.  After winning one of those two shows I’m going on to my next goal, which is top ten at the O.  There is no shoulda, woulda’s this year.  I’m gonna do it and that’s all there is to it.  Those of you who are waiting for it, its coming.  Those of you who are doubting me, there is a long line of people who have always done that, please see your way to the back of the line.


Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad