Poliquin Principles 2nd EditionPoliquin™ Principles 2nd Edition – Fully updated and extended; 219 pages

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Overview of Book:



Chapter 1 Reps & Sets
Chapter 2 Tempo
Chapter 3 Rest Intervals
Chapter 4 Frequency
Chapter 5 Exercise Selection and Exercise Order
Chapter 6 Recovery
Chapter 7 Advanced Training Methods
Chapter 8 Kaizen Principle
Chapter 9 Bodybuilding Nutrition


Chapter 10 Quads
Chapter 11 Hamstrings
Chapter 12 Calves
Chapter 13 Chest
Chapter 14 Shoulders
Chapter 15 Upper Back
Chapter 16 Arms
Chapter 17 Abdominals

Preface to the Second Edition

Information has grown exponentially since The Poliquin Principles was first published in 1997. There is much valuable information in the original book, but now it is time for an updated version.

For example, rather than using a three-digit formula for prescribing exercise tempo, Charles has expanded this to a four-digit formula. Also, new discoveries in nutrition and functional medicine have led to the development of more effective supplement protocols, including the concept of peri-nutrition, in which supplements are used immediately before, during, and after a workout. In 1997 many of the supplements that Charles uses in these protocols had not yet been invented.

One major change in this new edition is the organization. Now there are two major sections: Part 1 defines the basic principles of strength training, and Part 2 shows how to apply these principles to training major body parts.