One was too early, the other was too late. When Lebanon’s Ahmad Haidar competed in the IFBB Pro League from 1998–2009, there were no 212 or classic physique divisions. Had he been born a decade later, he undoubtedly would’ve won 212 or classic shows. Instead, he fended off  Goliaths in the open class, where he placed second twice and flexed in four Mr. Olympias. On the other hand, Sami Al Haddad, of Bahrain, has competed exclusively in the 212, but he was late to the party. Despite dominating annually as an amateur, he didn’t go pro until 2012, when, at 39, he trounced the top contenders while placing second to Flex Lewis twice. Since then, he’s won three 212 shows, but his stellar rookie year leaves us to wonder what could’ve been if he were 29 when he first faced Flex. 


as of November 2017

  • PRO WINS: Al Haddad: 3 VS. Haidar: 0
  • YEARS AS PRO: Al Haddad: 6 VS. Haidar: 10
  • PRO CONTESTS: Al Haddad: 14 VS. Haidar: 30
  • WEIGHT: Al Haddad: 212 VS. Haidar: 215
  • HEIGHT: Al Haddad: 5’6″ VS. Haidar: 5’6″
  • BEST POSE: Al Haddad: Front Lat Spread VS. Haidar: Abs and Thighs
  • WORST POST: Al Haddad: Rear Lat Spread VS. Haidar: Rear Double Biceps
  • STRENGTHS: Al Haddad: Arms, Chest, Quads VS. Haidar: Abs, Symmetry
  • WEAKNESSES: Al Haddad: Back, Hamstrings VS. Haidar: Hamstrings, Triceps