Plateaus Aren’t Always Bad

IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad is sitting comfortably and somewhat lean at 290-295lbs and I has been for about two-three weeks.

Plateaus Aren’t Always Bad

I know the title is a little misleading and doesn’t make sense to most of us.  After all bodybuilding is about breaking plateaus and always moving forward and if you think that you would be right.  I titled this blog that way because sometimes we have trouble recognizing what a plateau really is.

I am currently sitting comfortably and somewhat lean at 290-295lbs and I have been for about two-three weeks.  Now most of us (including myself) would look at that and think, plateau!  We would all be wrong when you take a harder look at things.  I have been this weight for two-three weeks but my strength is increasing weekly and my conditioning is actually improving even with the minimal amount of cardio I’m doing.

So what does this all mean?  From what I gather and from the thoughts of my nutritionist (Fakhri Mubarak), I’m actually growing!  Yes, this isn’t anything close to a plateau, we tend to measure out success on the scale and in that sense alone yes progress has slowed but not if I’m getting leaner.  Every morning I wake up and the really faint lines in my glutes that are starting to show through just a little more than the day before.  Lines in my glutes at 290lbs???  Granted their very faint and only there before I drink a glass of water lol but they’re there and that’s all that matters.  I have never had any conditioning in my lower body at all at 290lbs, now to see even faint lines there means I am making good progress.

If I can keep growing into this weight I will be happy with the result come February when I hit the 2013 FLEX Pro.  So far everything has come up pretty evenly although I have made my hamstrings and arms a priority and they are starting to catch up.

Anyway, enough about that shit.  Career wise everything is going good but I know you guys want to know what else is going on.  Well, I bought a house last February and although is was done nicely my wife and I decided to go ahead and redo the house the way we like it.  First was the basement (of course I had to get the man cave setup), I dropped some laminate down for durability on the floor, put up a barto eat at, bought some stools and mounted a 60” TV on the wall!  Everything a guy needs to eat and be happy. 

That was done in the first month I was here, then we took a break for a bit and decided the main floor needed to be redone.  New paint, trim, furniture, door fixtures, and all that other good stuff.  The kitchen is my domain so I had to do something there, we added a new backsplash, countertop and I got myself a kitchen table and of course the ceiling fan is being mounted ASAP!  What 300lb dude doesn’t need a ceiling fan while he’s eating? :-)

So while all that has been going on I have been trying to get enough sleep, make sure my meals are made and still trying to get bigger and bigger.  Basically the day consists of me going to Home Depot, then coming back, eating, then going back to Home Depot, then eating, ect, ect, ect.   It’s a pain in the ass as any of you know who have done any kind of renovating but I know when all is said and done its going to look great and I will be happy I did it. 

The most important thing out of all of this is to make sure I stay on point; keep growing and the rest will fall into place. It’s hard as a bodybuilder sometimes to get normal things accomplished without ruining your regular routine.  I have to admit I may have missed a meal here or two but I’m not letting anything get in the way of the ultimate goal.  270lbs on stage, the 2013 Rebuild is in full effect and nothing can stop me from reaching the goal I have set for myself except me.

Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad


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