Taking the Rest of 2012 Off

IFBB Pro Juan Morel is taking the rest of the year off to grow, and in a matter of weeks, he hits 270lbs!


As everyone has heard, I am not going to do the O. My reasoning for this is that I know I am not ready to be a contender in the O just yet. I still need more time to improve, add more quality muscle and get more muscle maturity!! I have no rush. I only started bodybuilding at the end of Nov 2007 and just got my pro card in 2011. I feel like I had a great year placing 4th in my first show at the New York Pro and then winning a show - only my second show as an IFBB Pro! With that I am very content and happy and need an offseason to improve and be better. I am focused on doing the New York Pro and Flex Pro next Year!! My goal is to win the New York Pro - that's a show that means a lot to me since its where I'm from. Having my family in the audience to see that would be such a beautiful thing! Next year if I qualify for the Olympia I will do it.

Another major reason why I wanted the time off is that I haven't had a full offseason in a long time now! And this will be my longest offseason in a while. I need to dedicate some time to my family as well, my wife, my daughter …when us bodybuilders are prepping for these shows it gets intense - I know it does for me - so the amount of time you are able to dedicate to your Family is not much and it can be very hard. We have to have a balance and be able to prioritize family! Yeah they support you and love you but it's for a reason they do that!! If I was a scum I'm pretty sure they would not be there! Family is very important to me and I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer and winter with them.

So I’ve been in the gym training hard, putting in hours there focusing on this offseason and making some good gains. I am very excited to see what this offseason is gonna bring. My goal is to be onstage next year like 260 pounds I believe that is an achievable goal for myself! I’ve been really focused on eating all my quality foods -this offseason I am going to eat a lot less junk, gonna kind of treat it like a contest prep eat clean 6 days a week and one day have whatever I want!! That means no more McdDnalds post workout, no more Frappucinos lol!! I'm gonna eat quality food for quality gains. I'm not gonna waste one day. This is my job and I'm going to be a body builder all year round!

I will be at the Olympia at the Weider Booth as well as the Ten.1 booth. When I'm not at the booth I will be watching the Olympia and showing support. I want to thank all those who have been supportive of me this year all my fans. I want to thank my wife for being so supportive and just loving me the way she does being there for me and supporting my every decision. I want to thank my parents -I love you guys you are the best I would not be where I am at if it wasn't for you guys. I want to thank all my close friends you know who you guys are! I want to thanks Robin for all his help and support! I want to thank Steve and Bev, you guys have the best gym in the world and I'm glad to be able to train there and welcomed there. Thank you to Flex/AMI/Weider for having my back and showing me great support. And to Ten.1 for being very supportive. I will continue to train hard and 2013 I will bring the best Juan Diesel!