Universal Marketing Team Lift Big Totals in Powerlifting Meet

They Don’t Just Talk the Talk, but Live the Life.

Universal Marketing Team Lift Big Totals in Powerlifting Meet

In the Marketing Department, we have a saying. If you want to talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk. On the weekend of January 28- 29, Eric Schwartz, Jason Budsock, Greg Santarsiero, Christian Coronato and Adam Harchetts spoke volumes in representing Universal Nutrition at the RPS 2012 New Jersey State Powerlifting Championships. They all competed in the amateur, drug-tested division.

Eric and Adam competed in the 220-pound Raw Classic Division. By competing in the raw division, the contestant weren’t allowed to use squat suits, bench shirts or deadlift briefs. In the Raw Classic Division, you can only use a belt and wrist wraps. By many accounts, this is the purest form of raw competition. Christian competed in the 220-pund Raw Modern Division, a newer division that also allows the use of knee wraps and sleeves during the squat.

In the 220-pound Raw Classic Division, Eric was pitted head-to-head with his colleague, friend and rival, Adam. The duel was neck and neck throughout the meet, with each spurring the other on. Playing mind games and lifting hard, each sought out every last advantage. In the end, Eric bested Adam by a mere 20 pounds, with a 1255 total (430 squat/325 bench/500 deadlift). In the squat and bench, Eric set personal bests. Adam hit 1235, with a 425 squat, 325 bench, and a 485 deadlift–hitting 6 PRs in the process, including a 55-pound total improvement over his last meet in November. These totals were good enough to earn Eric first place and Adam second place at the championships in their division.

In the 181-pound Raw Classic Division, Jason finished in second place in a highly competitive field with his impressive 1180 total (405 squat, 265 bench, 510 deadlift). He set a PR with both the squad and the deadlift. Greg weighed in at only 247 pounds but competed in the 275- pound Raw Classic Division. This was only his second meet ever. With
this 1430 total (500 squat, 415 bench, 515 deadlift), he also earned a first place finish. He also set meet PRs for himself in the bench, deadlift, and total. Greg just missed a 535 squat.

Rounding out the team, in the Raw Modern Division, Christian (who is currently a nationally ranked NPC bodybuilder) entered his first powerlifting meet ever. As a rookie, he did well winning at 220 pounds with a 1515 total (510 squat/405 bench/600 deadlift). Not only did he win his division, Christian shattered some RPS world records with his bench (405) and his 1515 total. I think it’s safe to say the powerlifting bug may have bitten Christian.

Eric, Jason, Greg, Christian and Adam all embody the great values of the amateur athlete, with its emphasis on competition for the love of a sport and a genuine sense of cooperation and camaraderie. For instance, Adam stepped up to help advise Christian at his first meet. It made a big difference. But it didn’t end there. The five lifted individually, but they competed as a team.

To me, these five have clearly exhibited their passion for pushing themselves in competition, but also challenging themselves to improve at Universal Nutrition in their various capacities within the Marketing Department. Therefore, on behalf of Universal Nutrition, I’d like to take the time to recognize their great achievement and for furthering the values that make Universal Nutrition a singular company within the entire supplement industry. Through their actions they have spoken well for themselves and for the company. Well done, gentleman.