This year has been a very different experience for me. First off, many of may or may not know that my girlfriend and I had a baby boy on January 4, 2012. His name is Benjamin Zane and he is awesome. Definitely makes for some necessary changes to the contest prep, but all in all things have gone very smoothly, mostly because my girlfriend is a machine and takes care of the munchkin so I can focus on the last 6 weeks of prep.

As of 19 days out, I sit at 282lbs and 5.1% bodyfat. (Had it tested via dexa scan yesterday.) Still a long way to go, but truth be told, this has been the diet ive enjoyed most so far in my life. I guess as you progress from show to show, you learn what works for you. I seem to have had a much easier time mentally this year. Never overly depleted, tired, grumpy, or sore.

One of the things ive been doing is splitting my workouts into 2 times a day for the same bodypart( I am training antagonists- chest/back, bis/tris etc). I think this style has allowed me to never overly deplete my adrenals and therefore I never really feel like ive got hit by an oversized bus….or atleast, if I do, it goes away shortly thereafter.

The idea behind this training is to “fire up” the CNS (central nervous system) in the morning. Then, come back and thrash every muscle fiber at night. Something Coach Poliquin has showed me that I will definitely be continuing to use for a long time. Its not that hard to recover from it, you just need to make sure you give your body enough time to adapt. Obviously ample supplementation is very important. BCAAs during the workout and after is essential, I use 4 scoops of Aminocore by ALLMAX. Also make sure youre getting lots of high quality protein.

Nutritionally, I have some done some things very drastically different from years past. I am not so worried about getting in large amounts of carbs. It just doesn’t seem necessary. My fats were rather high, protein was high and I eat as many veggies as I can handle.

One of the best tips or tricks I learned this year is to not consume carbohydrates first thing in the morning, or before your workout. Sounds backward right? Everyone has been telling you for years that those are the ONLY times you SHOULD have them…..nope! Science shows otherwise. It has to do with neurotransmitter levels in the brain and CNS. The results were astounding for me!

Keep an eye out for some cool new videos I shot recently for FLEXONLINE, I think youre going to like these ones!

Keep focused and I’ll see you all onstage in 3 weeks!!

Passion, Persistence, growth!



I will be RE-LAUNCHING MY NEW WEBSITE IN FEBRUARY. Weve had some delays, but its now ready to roll!