Finished my 2 day shoot and all went great. I had alot of fun shooting with Kevin Horton who is an outstanding photographer. I usually don't do photo shoots when I'm in my carb depleting phase since this is when I look the worst but this time it's all a little different working with George really showed me that it is possible for me to look like I usually do a few weeks out from a show. Even being depleted with less than 70g of carbs a day for 5 days I'm still somewhat big and full and from now on it's just a matter of putting a bit of carbs back in starting tomorrow and dropping some water which I will totallly leave up to George. He proved to me a few times this year that he knows how to get me in shape and dial me in the final days before the show. I feel ready and I really can't wait to display my physique come Friday and Saturday. I will post a sneak peak for you the fans to see what DJ is bringing to Vegas See you at the O DJ