New Therapy to Stay Healthy


New Therapy As most of you know that have followed my career or my personal blog, I am big into finding new therapies that can keep my body healthy and growing smoothly. About seven or eight months ago I started deadlifting (for the first time in my career). Each week I deadlift and when the legs are feeling good I also squat, as do most bodybuilders. Both these movements, along with a host of others that we perform, constantly are compressing our spines. This can lead to bulged discs, pinched nerves and many other issues, so I decided to do something about it. Keep in mind this could be just part of my impulsive dieting attitude that comes to me every time I diet, but I'd like to think it’s because I was looking out for my health. About three weeks ago I was at Costco just wandering the isles (cuz I love that place!) and looking for things to buy. Ok, I confess, I was also looking at all the prepared foods and wondering if I could somehow convince Hany to work them into my diet. Anyway, after realizing there was no way in hell that was going to happen I moved on to sporting goods (don't worry, I already went through electronics..lol, I never miss it). In the sporting goods section I noticed they had an inversion table (allows you to hang upside down) and I realized this could really help me long-term.

 I was able to control myself and not buy the thing but I did go home and for the next week I researched inversion tables and their benefits. Since our spines are constantly being compressed the only way to fully decompress the spine is actually to hang upside down, taking all the pressure off your spine. This actually stretches out the spine and allows more blood flow and better hydration to the discs and muscles around the spine. Since I have had some lower back issues I decided this was the way I wanted to go. After speaking to Alvin Brown (Therapist in Pickering, Ontario) and Dave Cowie (Therapist in Windsor, Ontario) and both telling me they work well in conjunction with other therapies, I bought it. That was the fun part because after I got home and took the box out of the trunk I realized, I have to put this thing together! Not only did that bother me because I hate putting things together, but it also bothered me because when completed I was actually going to have to get in and hang upside down in it! I don't know if I trust my building abilities that much. 12-17-10-03.jpg


Regardless, I put it together and it went relatively smoothly. I did actually get in and hang all the way upside down to try it and all is well. As ordered by Alvin and Dave I was to begin on a slight incline and only for a few minutes a day. I am in my first week and am already noticing my back feels looser and not so stiff, especially in the morning when I wake up. Who knows maybe enough time upside down will make me taller??...lol. Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad 'Hoss' Abiad