By Any Means Necessary

Kai Green's mash-and-smash leg training.


Part of the threat that Greene brings to the competitive bodybuilding stage, is the collection of outrageous, outsize body parts he’s melded onto his frame over the years. The whole assemblage rests on a set of the most massive legs in the IFBB pro ranks. Greene’s lower body is starting to resemble something akin to that cow missing the myostatin gene, though with much better balance than the bovine. Greene’s legs have long been standouts; they were talking points even when he was placing 14th in the NY Pro after turning pro by taking the overall at the 2004 NPC Team Universe.


Greene trains almost completely by instinct and how he feels when he walks into the gym. This level of intuition makes it difficult for an outside observer to make heads or tails of Greene’s training. For instance, if you want to know how Greene trains legs, you can follow him through a workout in the gym one week, then follow him through a completely diferent type of leg workout the next.

How Greene feels will dictate the exercises he uses, his set and rep ranges, and the rest he allows himself between sets. Understandably, this makes it difficult to list any exercises, sets, and reps or even a training split because there are rarely any prescribed workouts and even when he goes into the gym with one in mind it’s up for grabs whether that workout will materialize or be sidelined by an on-the-spot change in plans. That said, Greene admits he trains legs once a week and if it’s a week with travel involved, he’ll look to train them at the beginning of the week “because it’s not comfortable sitting on the plane with your legs sore or cramping up.”

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