Ben Pakulski Leg Training Instructional Video

IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski takes us through a basic leg day. What's great about this video is that before, during and after, Pakulski talks about his nutrition and the supplementation he uses to ensure proper recovery for muscle growth.

Pakman takes Amino Acids before, during and after the workout. An hour before he trains, depending on his goals, he eats complex carbs (ie oatmeal with essential amino acids and one scoop Isoflex). Right before he trains, he takes aminos and Allmax Muscle Prime. The purpose is to minimize catabolism during the workout.

In terms of workout advice he tells us that on leg extensions, optimally, you never want to lean back. Rather, you want to sit up and arch the back – sticking the chest out. This sets up the hips and legs for proper leg extensions.

On to leg presses, where Ben Pakulski does 6 to 8 sets of 20 reps starting with 6 plates, working his way up to 12 plates then working his way back down. Why 20 reps? The answer seems simple to Pakman: the limiting factor is not your leg strength, it's the rest of the body not being able to keep up. Whereas by dropping the weight and increasing the reps, Pakman feels he can concentrate on the weight while protecting the rest of his body. In addition, he switches to single leg press for further concentration.

Post workout, Pakman immediately takes Allmax Aminocore, 100 grams of carbs, and an Isoflex shake. About an hour after the workout, Ben Pakulski will eat a meal that exists of white rice and a lean protein source. Lastly, Pakman has been preferring ground turkey as his protein source.