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The drive to train has always come easy for me because I have always wanted to push myself to the next level. I am never satisfied. I have a banner in my gym that says, “Be Great,” and these are words I try to live by every single day.

Now I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I said I don’t have days when I don’t feel great and thoughts about skipping a training session creep into my head. Anyone who tells you differently or proclaims to never have an off day isn’t telling you the truth. What I have come to believe is that simply pushing and working through those off days is what leads to having great days.

Let’s face it: Life can be tough, and we all have days when nothing goes right. What I realized a long time ago is that even on my very worst day I could still go to the gym, and the weights would always be the same. It didn’t matter if I had a great day or a horrible day; I could always count on the weight room remaining constant for me. I find comfort there and always end up getting into the zone once I get started, no matter how I feel when I first walk in.

Another important way I keep myself motivated is by setting goals. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by how far you think you need to go and then talk yourself out of even getting started. Every journey starts with a first step, but each journey also must have a destination. So to work through this, the best way to start is by setting easily attainable short term goals. I set daily goals like sticking to my diet and getting all my meals in. Achieving small goals like this provides positive reinforcement on a daily or weekly basis, helping to motivate you on your way to reaching your long-term goals.

If all else fails on those days when you feel like a dead man, reach for a pick-me-up pre-workout to get going. One I use is MHP’s Fit Trainer. It contains natural energizers to give me a lift, as well as creatine for power, beta-alanine for muscular endurance, nitric oxide boosters, and CortiFit to reduce cortisol levels. During training I often use BCAA 10X Energy for an additional head of steam and for its muscle-building aminos. – FLEX