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Old-school T-bar rows are a good back builder?


Old-school T-bar rows are a good back builder, but one
problem with this exercise is that your range of motion is somewhat
limited because the weight plates hit your chest in the fi nish
position. Another problem is that your arms are uneven when you
grab the bar, which focuses the emphasis a little di erently on each
side of your back.


Do T-bar rows as one-arm T-bar rows. Using one arm at a time
prevents the arm imbalance and the reduced ROM. Research from our
own Weider Research Group also found that when trained lifters performed
one-arm dumbbell rows, the weight they were able to use was signifi cantly more than
half of what they could lift using two-arms on barbell rows. That means that they were
essentially stronger when using one arm as opposed to two arms on rows. Being stronger
on rows means you can place more overload on the lats, and therefore achieve greater
muscle growth. To perform one-arm T-bar rows, stand to the left of the barbell in a
staggered stance (left leg forward and right leg behind). Bend forward at the hips so that
your torso is almost parallel to the fl oor and support your upper body by placing your left
hand on your left knee. Grab the barbell close to the end with your right hand and row by
pulling the barbell up toward your right side, bringing your elbow up and behind your back
as high as possible. Slowly return your arm back down until to full extension.