How to Train Like a Dragon

Rich Gaspari is a testament to the power of perseverance with the most ageless pipes you'll ever see.


Born into bodybuilding out of adversity, then later sharpened by it, IFBB Hall of Famer Rich Gaspari has always been driven by the desire to overcome setbacks—to weather a storm, then to rumble back with a little thunder of his own. Now 53 years old, this competitor-turned-entrepreneur continues to hone his aptitude for perseverance, one arduous set at a time, boasting a set of arms—and a business portfolio—that would make most present-day pros envious.

Ever legendary among the sport’s faithful, Gaspari continues to make his mark in the business of building bodies. As the head of Gaspari Nutrition, one of the industry’s most popular brands, he is still a huge draw at bodybuilding and trade shows, only now he mingles with fans in a smart polo, having left his posing trunks behind in 1996.


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