Oxygen-Powered Legs

Jon Delarosa takes his leg development to the next level in Kuwait.



“Anything with hamstrings, you really want make sure you squeeze hard at the top of the rep. A lot of people will do almost like a half leg curl, where they’re not really getting the most out of their hamstrings. Curl all the way up like you would on biceps. The pad should hit your backside at the top of every rep. On the first two sets of leg curls, I’ll get a good squeeze at the top and try to hold it there, but after that I’m really focused on moving weight. If you try to hold weight that heavy at the top of each rep, you’re going to tear something.”


“You need to keep your hips down on lying curls—almost like you’re thrusting into the pad as you’re curling up. A lot of people tend to let their butt lift up and the lower back arch as they’re coming up. If you keep your hips down, it will really engage the hamstrings. Hold the top position for a two-count.”


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