Tips to Target Your Biceps

Don't let your forearms do the brunt of a biceps curl.

Tips to Target Your Biceps


I really want to build my biceps, but whenever I am doing curls and really pushing myself, my forearms get pumped up like crazy, but my bi’s—not so much. What can I do? 


This is a common problem, as most lifters initiate biceps exercises by curling the wrists inward, especially when nearing fatigue. While this will certainly improve leverage by strongly engaging the forearm flexors, it will also reduce the work put in by the target muscle—your biceps. What you actually need to do is cock your wrists backward during curls in order to effectively eliminate the forearm flexors from the movement (by putting them in a mechanically weak position). This will then force the biceps to become the main elbow flexor during all curling exercises. You may need to reduce your curling poundage initially; however, in time, you should be able to return to your normal weights but with far bigger biceps to show for it! 


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