Winter Mass Part 1

The real deal on how to get big!



So you have fat mass and lean mass, and then you just have mass mass. We all want lean mass, and we don’t want fat mass. When it comes to overall size, if we can make the bigness look good, then we are happy. While lean mass is preferential in most cases, by adding some good fat—meaning in all the right places—you’ll find that you build a bigger, thicker body and can still maintain decent cuts, vascularity, and shape. And the good news is that when you need to cut for a contest or just for the heck of it, you can, and you won’t lose your lean muscle mass. How? By building a program along with a diet that doesn’t cut fat but only gains it in proportion to the overall lean muscle mass that is built. For most, this is not the case, because we tend to do one of two things. We either diet too heavily, thereby reducing the ability to build solid muscle, or we overeat, thereby increasing fat stores so much that our cuts disappear. To prevent either scenario, we need to match calorie consumption with muscle building so that muscle and fat build accordingly. I wish there could be another way to build super-huge muscle and get cut at the same time, but it just simply isn’t possible in most people—yet, there are a rare few that can.

Tina Terras & Michael Walter / Getty

To make this program work, you have to decide what level of fat you are comfortable with. For those of you who don’t mind getting fat, you should! You really don’t want to. However there is a way to build solid muscle, within an acceptable fat range.

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