Nobody knows more about making a good first impression than a woman who’s constantly being hit on by men. That’s why we asked Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn what a guy has to do in order to get her attention. The answer might surprise you…

What can you tell about a guy from a pickup line?

If the pickup line is cheesy, it generally means he’s desperate. It’s horrible-not a good sign at all. Except maybe, “Are you tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” That one can put a smile on a girl’s face-because she’ll be thinking of what a dork the guy is.

How about a simple “Hi”?

That’s good, because you’re being yourself. But if you say, “Hey, you new in town?” it ruins it, because you know it’s just another line.

What about, “Can I buy you a drink?”

That’s always nice-that’s not a problem. That way, the woman has the choice to accept the drink or not. She’s in control.

If I’m going to make the approach, what should I do?

First impressions are vital, so always look your best. Even if it’s jeans and a T-shirt, that’s fine-just don’t look dirty. After that, try to maintain good eye contact. I look at a guy’s face-his eyes and his smile. If he has that creepy smile, and he offers to buy a drink, I’ll say, “No thanks, I’ve got one.” You can really tell a lot about a guy when you look into his eyes-you can see what he wants.

So sunglasses are a bad idea?

Yes, a horrible idea-even if you think you’re a rock star.

Have you ever used a pickup line on a guy?

I don’t know. I’m sure at some point I have. I wouldn’t give a guy the whole line. I’d just be myself and be like, “You’re sexy; I like you.”

That’s a good line. What if a guy used that on you?

I’d be like, “Really, what do you think you like?” From there, either he makes an ass of himself or it’s OK. It all depends. You can’t fault a guy for confidence, you know, as long as he’s not arrogant.

How about a magic trick?

That’s a little kooky, but it could be cool if he pulls a flower out from wherever. As long as the magic trick is cute, and not like, “Pick a card, any card.” I’m a flower kind of girl, so if he waves his hand and pulls one out, I’d think that was cute.

So, be confident but not arrogant, be yourself, take off the sunglasses, say hello, and pull a flower from an orifice…

[Laughs] Just make sure the flower doesn’t have anything on it…