Twisting her bits as if they’re made of Playdough or mistakenly applying a tourniquet to her leg while removing her panties might have been overlooked, even acceptable, when you were young and extra-dumb. But now it’s time to bring your A-game. With the help of science and several lovely ladies dedicated to helping you improve your relationship, we’ve figured it out. Women like to be touched in specific zones (not necessarily the ones you think) and in specific ways. We give you the knowledge. Women give you the green light. Now it’s just a matter of putting it together.

You Must!
Run your tongue from her bellybutton down to her infield. Along the way, massage her stomach and hips.

Because The area between her pelvic bone and bellybutton encourages blood flow to the entire region of good times.

Hot Testimonial “Anytime you use your tongue for something other than running me through or checking for cavities, I’m going to respond with some gymnastic move you always fantasized about. Guaranteed!” —Ellen, Palos Heights, IL

You Must!
Caress that donkey.

Because Her backside is rich with nerve endings. Touching it during intercourse will stimulate her even more.

Hot Testimonial “Stroke my hair and my fingers tingle. Rub my feet and my ears sweat. Give my butt a swat every now and then, and who knows what you’ll get in return.” —Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA

You Must!
Make sure sheets are clean and your body—(all of it) is fragrantly fresh. (Slathering yourself in cologne is unnecessary, though.)

Because The olfactory bulb in the nose and the pleasure center of the brain are connected by a direct sensory pathway.

Hot Testimonial “We’re pretty simple creatures, but somehow men manage to screw up almost everything. Use all our senses and you’ll get the greatest reaction. In and out of the sack.” —Sarah, El Paso, TX You Must!
Listen. As the mind is the largest sex organ in the body, setting the scene is an oft-overlooked step in getting the kitty to purr. The soundtrack should be both soothing and intense (MF’s female staffers recommend Coldplay).

Because Research shows that music can activate the same brain structures that are aroused during sex.

Hot Testimonial “Sometimes I want to rock, and other times I want to melt. What I don’t want is to hear your idea of sex music. You know what she likes to listen to. Play it, fella.” —Amy, Washington, DC

You Must!
Delicately kiss her eyelids, forcing her to close her eyes and enjoy the sensation.

Because The thin skin of the eyelids is nearly identical to that of your scrotum; both are lacking subcutaneous fat, pushing the nerves nearly to the surface.

Hot Testimonial “It’s always a shock—in a good way—when a guy goes for something unexpected, as opposed to a checklist that reads: lips, breasts, butt cheeks (squeeze), cooch!” —Elizabeth, Granville, NY

You Must!
Begin by gently kissing the backs of her knees, building in pressure until you’re nearly frenching the flesh.

Because Every square inch of skin contains more than 1,000 nerve endings. So no inch of her should be ignored. And skin that rarely sees sun is extra-sensitive.

Hot Testimonial “I’m not always looking to be handled like a chainsaw. That’s hot most of the time, but navigating my body once in a while makes a well-rounded, happy, lusty woman.” —Carrie, Jacksonville, FL

You Must!
Gently massage the bottom of each foot from ankle to toe. Next, massage every toe separately, paying special attention to the middle toe, which has a direct nerve connection to her genitals.

Because The soles of the feet contain nerves that can affect heart rate, blood pressure, and hormonal flow.

Hot Testimonial “Go for broke. Truth be told, if you put the effort in, even if it doesn’t totally work, we’ll appreciate the attempt and try something new (probably something you saw in a dirty movie) just to say thanks.” —Toni, Memphis, TN