There’s phone sex, chat-room sex, and make-up sex, but when it comes right down to it, the very best kind of sex may be car sex: It’s spontaneous, slightly taboo, and it has an element of exhibitionism. Best of all, whatever weird, kinky things you may be into, this is the one type of sex most girls won’t have a problem with.

Before you get in the car

Follow her over to her side of the vehicle and test the waters. Instead of opening the door, back up against it and pull her close for some tongue-on-tongue action.

After your kiss

Help her into the car, with your hand gliding from the small of her back down to her ass for a quick “hello.”

While you’re driving

Use stop signs, red lights, and delays in traffic as an excuse to get her engine revving: Blow into her ear. Trace your fingertips up and in between her thighs- slowly. Get her wet by doing this as much as she’ll let you. But don’t take it too far. Only use one hand, and make sure you leave her wanting more.

When you finally do pull over

Play up the awkwardness of crawling over the seat and into the back of the car. The confined space will add to the excitement. Center her in the middle of the backseat and tell her to use the back of the driver and passenger seats as footrests while you guide yourself into “the driver’s seat.” With the angle you both will get, it’ll be a ride she’ll never forget.


Don’t think she’ll want to do it in the car if you’re just driving to the grocery store or corner Blockbuster. In an exclusive MF online poll, 68% of women said it’s the combination of not having seen each other for a while plus being on a long drive or road trip that drives most of them into four-wheeled sin.