Are You Your Own Personal Trainer?

If so, your training program may be in trouble.

Are You Your Own Personal Trainer?

I'm a horrible trainer, and that's a tough thing for a guy like me to admit. After all, I've led somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 training sessions and classes during my tour of duty in the fitness business.

Hang on, let me clarify: I can give YOU a great training session, no problem! I’m not going to lay claim to the title of "World's Greatest Trainer," but I'm good at my job, I'm a professional, so those people who have suffered through those many thousands of training sessions and classes got their money's worth.  It's when I'm posing as MY OWN personal trainer that I absolutely suck, and unless you're one of those rare, nearly nonexistent people in the world who can effectively design, implement and maintain a systematic and progressive training protocol for yourself, you're not so good either. (Note: In the picture above in which I'm red-faced, sweaty and delirious; I didn't train myself).

If you have the discipline to show up at the gym and train five days a week you deserve credit.  You have great intentions, your effort is admirable and your resolve is to be commended.  But, believe me, if you're operating as your own personal trainer, your training program is in trouble.  Before you get bent out of shape, understand this; it has nothing to do with experience.  If it did, I'd be awesome at training myself (I, however, am not).  It has nothing to do with knowledge, either, because even the trainer with the most encyclopedic archive of training wisdom flails when he trains himself.  It has to do with human nature, with behavior, and most of our behavior does not lend itself to being the best choice for overseeing our own training program.

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