Leg Exercises

Box Squats for a Better Leg Workout

Preserve your knees and add consistency by learning the box squat.


Leg Workouts & Exercises: Box Squats

The next time you’re in your gym - provided you’re training in a typical commercial facility - take a look around. How many guys do you see, every day, clustered around benches and standing in front of mirrors performing dumbbell curls? If your gym is anything like mine, the answer is probably the same as it is where I train: pretty much everyone in the entire place is doing the same thing.

Here’s the question I want you to ask these “lightbulbs”:

When’s leg day, guys?

What I’m about to give you, if you haven’t seen this before - and if you haven’t, you either don’t go online much or you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years - is an exercise you’ll love to do, and one that’ll convert you, once and for all, into one of those guys who’d rather train his lower body any day of the week.

You see, those of us who’ve been squatting for a long time can let you in on a little secret if you ask, and that secret is the fact that squatting - and lower body training in general - is fun. You move more weights, you’re really accomplishing something in the gym, and you feel like a million bucks once you’re done. You can’t get that feeling from doing curls for an hour, and that’s why so many people quit a month after joining the gym.