Leg Exercises

Cardio Leg Slam

Kick boredom with this thighs-and-cardio workout combo designed to build strength and power and burn off pounds of bodyfat.

Cardio Leg Slam

What do NFL running backs, Olympic sprinters and top bodybuilders have in common? Wheels of steel. No, we're not talking about an old-school Grandmaster Flash album or a trucking-simulation video game. These athletes all have legs powerful enough to propel them through a brick wall -- in fact, their legs are so hard they look like they'’re made of brick. Ask any of these athletes: Legs are the foundation of an awesome physique. So where does that leave you? When did you last train your legs? You can admit it -- you skip leg day once in while. While we'’re on the subject of skipped workouts, what's your cardio status? Yeah, we thought so. Well, here's a concept: combination legs and cardio training. By putting these two dreaded activities together, you get a more intense workout than you could by training them separately and you'’re less likely to skip either one.






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