Workout Tips

35 Ways to Blast Your Fat Away for Good

Losing your gut doesn’t happen overnight, but these tips can really speed things up.


Man hydrating with water at the gym


15) Recover better

Use foam rollers and contrast showers to keep you in the game and injury-free. If you have stiff or painful muscles, try rolling back and forth on a foam roller across the area for 60 seconds. Do this two to three times per day on areas that are especially knotted and sore. Improve circulation to those sore muscles by taking a contrast shower after working  out. Start with hot water and then alternate to cold water, increasing the heat or cold each time for three rounds. Stay in the hot water three times as long as the cold, and always end with cold. This will loosen up your muscles and decrease inflammation.

16) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Your metabolism needs ample amounts of water to keep firing, and your body needs to eliminate waste produced during fat burning. Drink water liberally throughout the day; you’ll be more likely to skip sugary, high-calorie drinks and may even boost your metabolism. A 2003 study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that quaffing about 17 ounces of cold agua can bump your metabolism for around a half hour and burn the equivalent of 25 calories—about one teaspoon of sugar.

17) Get ample iron

Iron helps route oxygen to the cells in your body. If this process is hindered, your energy sags and your metabolism slows. Don’t supplement with iron pills, though, as this can increase the risk of heart disease by constricting blood vessels. Instead, eat plenty of iron-rich foods like shellfish, lean meat, beans, and spinach.

18) Learn about insulin

Your insulin response (and how your body absorbs and responds to carbs) is a major key to how you’ll get the fat off. Your strategy in a nutshell: Decrease your sugar and carb intake to encourage your body to burn stored fat instead of glucose. It’s that simple.

19) Chew your food instead of inhaling it

Slow your pace when you eat, and let your body begin to digest food at a more reasonable rate. Psychological trials show that eating slowly results in feeling full sooner, which leads to fewer calories consumed at mealtime. Try chewing each bite 20  times before swallowing, or put down your fork or spoon after each mouthful to regulate your intake.

20) Cut the condiments

Sure, you’re sacrificing a bit of flavor, but eliminating empty calories (and carbs) is worth it. Whether it’s sour cream, salad dressing, or mayo, the wrong condiments can add 100 or more calories to an otherwise healthy meal.

21) Master the squat

Call it the King of All Exercises. The squat increases your strength and torches fat better than just about any other move. That’s because squats target multiple large muscle groups—quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Use proper form, though, to get the most out of this essential movement. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your lower back slightly arched while making sure your knees are centered over your ankles as much as possible. Drop down, keeping form, lowering your butt as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair.

22) Plan ahead

Cook your meals ahead of time, store them in plastic containers, and bring your lunch to work instead of winging it once you’re there. You will be less tempted to go for chicken wings or a sloppy sub from the local diner.

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