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Workout Routines

Workout Tips & Routines

Ditch the barbells for a moment and try building mass with these crude, effective tools.
The Smolov Squat program is heavy, intense, and brutal. But if you can make it to the other side, you’ll get bigger, stronger, and shredded—all at the same time.
Frustrated by plateaus? This systematic approach will have you growing again, if you're hardcore enough to handle it.
Minimize your training time while maximizing your fat-burning and muscle gains.
Get bigger and leaner with fitness model Joe Donnelly’s hard-hitting routine.
Climb out of your lair with a brand-new mountain of muscle by performing this six-week full-body program.
Build functional, fat-shredding muscle with these first-responder designed programs.
Get the workout that whips Army Rangers, one of the most elite military forces, into fighting shape.
Flip your grip around and spark some serious growth in every muscle group with this complete workout.
Optimize the time between sets and exercises to maximize results.