With the release of Wonder Woman just around the corner, Gal Gadot has been on the promotional trail and made a quick pitstop on CONAN to share some workout tips. The Wonder Woman star shares that she had to spend the six months leading up to shooting on gym work and martial arts. Host Conan O’Brien goes on to ask Gadot if she thinks he can achieve the same results in 35 minutes. Well, it’s worth a shot, right?

To start off, he asks the star to assess his body and she points out that he has “very weak legs.” She goes on to add that men usually have bigger thighs (but it’s OK because they can work on it). Then, she introduces him to her trainer, Ruda, who agrees that his legs could use some work.

They go on to perform a serious of training drills, including some kicks, sword-fighting, and even bull-riding. To round things out, O’Brien excuses himself for a moment, then re-emerges in his very own funky-haired superhero costume, to which Gadot exclaims, “It’s really, really, really…it’s just different.”

Watch the entire clip above, and catch Wonder Woman in theaters June 2.