Katrina Law Talks Training and the Most Attractive Muscle on a Man

The sexy star of 'The Oath,' actress Katrina Law, on playing a corrupt cop, lifting weights, and eating cake.

Katrina Law
The Riker Brothers

Tell us about your character on this new show The Oath.

Karen Beach is a police officer in an indistinct police precinct. She joined this gang, the Ravens, quite willingly and now considers them her family. And she’s ride or die for these guys, or she thinks she is. As you follow her, you see how her loyalty is tested.

50 Cent is an exec producer on the show. Did you meet him?

He came to the set, and he was wonderful—such a great personality, and you can tell he works out like a maniac. We were all trying to be cool around him, like, “Hey, 50, what’s up? Thanks for the show.” As soon as he walked away, we all started singing “Candy Shop.”

The Oath is shot in Puerto Rico. Was it affected by the hurricanes?

We took a monthlong hiatus and came back, so we witnessed the devastation firsthand. It’s going to take years for the island to recover. We were glad Crackle didn’t make us finish shooting somewhere else. The people of Puerto Rico are so resilient and tough and feisty.

This is a very physical role. What was your training like for this show?

I went old-school—working out with weights and doing just one body part at a time. For a while, I was doing a HIIT circuit. But sometimes with interval cardio, I find myself getting injured and wearing myself out a lot. When you’re working 14-hour days, you tend to break down. I found it easier to do very lazy, long cardio. And also yoga to stay stable and Zen out.

Is there anything you don’t like about working out?

The biggest deterrent is getting out of my house, getting in my car, and driving through L.A. traffic to get to the gym. So I just started working out at home. It’s much easier to motivate yourself when you have a [Bowflex] Max Trainer. It kicks your ass in 15 minutes and makes you sweat.

How’s your diet?

I’ve been dieting off and on for the different shows that I’ve been on, starting with Spartacus, so I’ve just adapted it to my real life. For example, I know that I need to eat four or five times a day. When I’m working out, I actually eat a lot more sugar when I’m on set. I know it’s a bad habit, but sometimes I’ll have a piece of cake for a pick-me-up. When I’m home, I eat clean. I love eggs, natural carbohydrates, and lots of vegetables.

Any cheat meals besides cake?

Cheetos just do me in. Or salt-and-vinegar chips. I’m really into crunchy things.

Has anyone tried picking you up at the gym?

I have my game face on when I’m at the gym, and everything about me and the outfit I’m wearing—usually sweatpants— says, “Do not hit on me.” I look like a blob on purpose. Wearing cute things or a sports bra—I’m not that girl. I wish I were, but I’m not.

Is there one muscle on a man you find attractive?

I like men with great backs. Like a nice set of rear delts, a nice V, the back muscles.

So a different kind of back than what Sir Mix-a-Lot sings about.

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it. My husband has a great ass.

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