The 5 Best Sketches From Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson’s 'Saturday Night Live' Season Finale

As he joined the "Five-Timers Club," the 'Baywatch' and 'Fast & Furious' superstar ended the 'SNL' season on a massive—and hilarious—high note.

Dwayne Johnson, SNL Saturday Night Live
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

For a brief moment on Saturday night, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was officially running for president.

In his fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live, the highest-paid actor in the world playfully riffed on those rumors that he might be running for president, pivoting from his formal induction into the "Five-Timers Club" into an announcement that he'd be running for president with none other than fellow Five-Timer Tom Hanks.

But even if Johnson and Hanks explained away the joke before the end of the monologue—no Johnson for president, at least not in 2020—the superstar certainly didn’t disappoint. The episode brought back some classic Rock characters, revisited favorite sketches from his past hosting gigs, and ended SNL’s season on a major high note.

Here are the best moments from the show:

5. “Jurassic Park Date”

Johnson brought back his “Anniversary Date” meathead, along with his oblivious British pop-star girlfriend Gemma (Cecily Strong), as they head to Universal Studios' Jurassic Park ride and end up crashing the date of another couple (Vanessa Bayer and Kenan Thompson)—again.


4. “Scorpio”

Johnson turns into a superhero in this riff on the Marvel Netflix shows like Daredevil and Iron Fist. We're not exactly sure what Scorpio's powers are, but we're willing to bet that perfectly tailoring a blazer is one of them:


3. “Rap Song”

Big Chris (Kenan Thompson) tries to cut a track with a few friends, until "a few friends" becomes "a lot of MCs with creative nicknames." Johnson makes his appearance as King Keef, while Hanks stops by to bring back his instant-classic David S. Pumpkins character from his own hosting gig in 2016:


2. “Five-Timers Monologue”

Joined by Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks, Johnson gets inducted into SNL's “Five-Timers Club.” (Fellow members include Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Paul Simon, and Scarlett Johansson, who made an appearance as Ivanka Trump in the cold open.) If nothing else, let this sketch be a reminder that nobody is better at inspiring action-movie speeches than Dwayne Johnson.


1. “WWE Promo #2”

Revisiting one of his best-ever SNL sketches, Johnson's Koko Watchout and Trashyard Mutt (departing cast member Bobby Moynihan) go back and forth in a promotional take for a WWE-style wrestling match—until Watchout decides to get a little too personal.