Joey Swoll is the larger than life, self-appointed, defender of good gym etiquette that gets millions of people talking across his social media platforms, so news that the famous bodybuilder was laid up in the hospital following a serious heart scare soon had fans and Hollywood’s finest rushing to send their love and support.

“Had a little scare this week with what was to be a routine 30-45 min heart surgery ended up being 6 hours on the table,” shared Swoll, in an Instagram post on Saturday, April 27, 2024. “In the end I made it, I’m home, and I’m 100% for the first time in years. My heart is the best it’s ever been. I’m SO thankful for all incredible doctors, nurses, and amazing staff at Hoag Hospital.” News of Swoll’s hospital stay drew well wishes from across the world.

“Stay strong brother,” responded Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. “You’re an inspiration to our culture.”

“Speedy recovery mate,” wrote seven-time Mr 212 Olympia Flex Lewis. “Get well soon,” added MMA’s Alice Adelean.

What was Joey Swoll’s heart scare?

On Monday, April, 29, Joey Swoll (real name: Jospeh Sergo) provided further detail via his IG account.

“One day home from the cardiac ICU and I feel great but VERY sore and very, very beat up,” began the post. “I went in on Friday for a routine diagnostic angiogram which was supposed to take 30-45 minutes. During the procedure, a piece of the tool they used feel inside by heart causing a LOT of problems and me to crash.

“At one point they even had to put a pump in my heart. 6 hours later, awake and praying for every single second of it, after going in through both sides of my groin and wrist, they were finally able to retrieve it. It was a MIRACLE. The doctor has NEVER seen this happen before.”

While Swoll is thankfully now making a physical recovery, he says that the mental trauma will take additional time to heal.

“I am home, healthy, doing work, feeling great but just very physically and mentally beat up,” he explained. “I am black and blue across by entire midsection and groin but that will heal. My problem is I feel like I’m still on that table looking up at the beige ceiling and the bright light as I lie there helpless. That’s going to take some time. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and kind words. It truly means the world and you’ve all put a big smile on my face.”

As the update from of Swoll’s traumatic week spread, further fans and friends flooded his social media to add their support.

“Praying for you bro,” wrote Jay Cutler. “Sending prayers for health and metal wellbeing,” added WWE referee Jason Ayers. Muscle & Fitness would also like to extend the love of the whole team and wish Swoll a speedy recovery. We need you back in the gym, brother!

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