The Colorado Buffaloes were the talk of college football last season thanks to the arrival of Deion Sanders. Home CU football games were estimated to have generated an economic impact of over $100 million during the season and it seemed everyone wanted to be part of the moment. The Coach Prime effect has shifted the entire culture of the program and headed into Year Two, the focus is always on winning.

There is a new offense for Sanders’ son and Buffs quarterback Shedeur, and the task of filling the roster after 22 players left since the Spring portal opened in April. To say Sanders is busy would be an understatement but there aren’t many that handle pressure with the flair that he does.

In between going over some notes in his playbook and before heading off to get his workout in, Deion Sanders unpacked some of his daily necessities for Muscle and Fitness and chatted about the role they play in his routine.

Coach Deion Sanders Gym Bag Gear
Courtesy of Deion Sanders

Redcon1 Backpack

MRE LITE Whole Food Protein and MRE LITE Creatine Hydration 

As the college season nears, the days are long for Sanders. Making sure that he’s putting the right things in his body and keeping hydrated is of the utmost importance.

Coach Prime Hoodie 

Whether hitting the weights, getting some cardio or relaxing in the sauna, Hoodies are a Coach Prime staple.


Almonds are a daily snack for Sanders, provide him fuel before his workouts and right afterward. “Be smart about recovery and commit to yourself.”


While he gets his workout in at the CU gym, Sanders is always thinking of ways to be better. His playbook is always within arm’s reach in case there is an idea or strategy that comes to mind.

Deion Sanders holding a supplement pill on the football field
California Almonds

Coach Prime Signature Shades 

Given his nickname of “Prime Time” during his playing days, being stylish is something that is ingrained within Sanders. His choice of eyewear is his signature Prime 21 Blender sunglasses.

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Redcon1 Energy Drink 

Everyone needs a boost of energy at some point. Sanders’ preferred pick-me-up is Redcon1 Energy Drink. The drink not only helps him sustain his energy throughout the day but also helps with his focus, metabolic function, and exercise performance.

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Cellphone (Coach Prime Motorola Razr)

Coach Prime starts most of his mornings in the gym. If you’re familiar with his morning motivational messages, the inspiration behind them usually comes from him breaking a sweat.

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Elevate and Dominate: 21 Ways to Win On and Off the Field 

A new current favorite read of Sanders while getting through his cardio workout is his newest book which includes motivational stories and experiences that have helped bring him to the point he’s at now.

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Sanders loves music and a workout isn’t the same without rhythm. “Now Give Me My Theme Music!”

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