Sterling Archer is back—but his world isn’t quite how you remember it.

In the wake of the season 7 finale, where—spoiler alert—our favorite incompetent secret agent is left in a coma, season 8 picks up in Archer’s mind, where he’s dreaming of being a private investigator in the 1940s.

The season follows Archer as he seeks revenge for the—again, spoilers—death of his former partner, Woodhouse (who is actually his butler). Other members of Archer’s supporting cast appear, though not quite in the same roles as before: Cyril and Pam are detectives hot on Archer’s trail, Archer’s mother Mallory is a crime boss, his on-again off-again love interest Lana works at a nightclub, and Cheryl is… well, she’s Cheryl.

“Dreamland” is the first season of Archer to premiere on FX’s sister channel, FXX. Archer showrunner Adam Reed has said previously that Archer will end with season 10, and that the next three seasons will be shorter than previous, consisting of 8 episodes each.

Archer: Dreamland premieres on FXX on April 5.