Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall makes sure to work out every part of his body—and we do mean every part. In a recent YouTube video, Hall and his friend, English comedian Paddy McGuinness, finished their back day by lifting kettlebells with their family jewels. 

Yeah, you read that right: they lifted with their manhoods. 

Gentlemen, brace yourself and check out the fun the two have at the 25:00 mark: 

It looks like the two tie one end of a rope to the kettlebell and the other to their …yeah. They then stand on a platform while hunched over, and attempt to stand upright. 

No surprise, it looks excruciating. Hall—who, reminder, once deadlifted 1,102 pounds—looked defeated by it. McGuinness “lifted” 4 kg (8.8 pounds), and Hall 6 (13.2 pounds).

Look, we don’t think this has to be said, but please don’t do this at home. We’re not sure what possessed these two to do this, or why anyone would ever want to recreate it.

Sadly, Hall and McGuinness are far from the first people to try this—and their lifts are not even close to the heaviest. In fact, Kung Fu master Ye Hongwei once dragged a helicopter for 33 feet with his genitals.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked, but there’s also a workout program for your penis. No, seriously.