We know you’re well aware of the benefits a boxing workout can do to torch fat, and if you ever need to throw a punch, make sure you know how to punch like a pro. But check out the awesome skill and coordination this guy shows at a recent fitness expo (thanks to Fight Hub TV for the upload).

The unidentified man has some serious rhythm in his fists and elbows. How he rattles off a routine in impressive fashion, and seamlessly incorporates his elbows into the mix is mesmerizing. The video, which was shot at the  Los Angeles FitExpo held last weekend at the L.A. Convention Center, doesn’t identify the talented hitter, but we’re impressed. Can any of you guys come near this level of expertise? Check it out.

Update: An astute M&F Facebook fan points out that this is Zach Ruffo of Lake City, FL. Ruffo is the founder of I Muscle Up, a fitness group.