Common Myths About Cholesterol, Foods and Fats

Here, we set the facts straight regarding popular myths about heart health.


Myth: People with normal cholesterol will not benefit from consuming products made with plant sterols.

Fact: Plant sterols lower LDL cholesterol in people with both normal and elevated blood cholesterol levels. Plant sterols can significantly lower LDL cholesterol levels regardless of the starting point.  

Myth: Children and pregnant women should not consumer large doses of plant sterols.

Fact: While plant sterols are generally recognized as safe food ingredients, they are generally not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for children under five years of age, as these individuals typically do not have nutritional needs for cholesterol reduction.

Myth: If you are trying to lower your cholesterol, you should try to eliminate it from your diet almost entirely.

Fact: For most people, it’s perfectly safe to have about 300 mg of cholesterol daily which is the recommended daily limit.

Myth: Shellfish including shrimp have a relatively high amount of cholesterol and should be avoided on a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Fact: While shrimp is higher in cholesterol than some other animal products, it is still very lean and low in saturated fat. So go ahead and enjoy a moderate amount of shrimp and other shellfish occasionally, just as long as you aren’t frying them.


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