By now most of us realize that being told to eat or train a specific way isn’t always effective. Each of us has personal goals and varying factors that feed into whether we succeed or achieve on our missions. That’s why personalized data and programs are key to gaining a competitive edge.

For example, mirroring Serena Williams’ training won’t guarantee results because — you guessed it! — you’re not Serena Williams. And you likely don’t have the funds to hire an army of trainers, nutritionists, recovery specialists, right?

Gatorade’s newly revamped Gx app aims to close those gaps by using the athlete’s personalized input paired with data analysis gleaned from elite sports scientists and trainers.

Courtesy of Gatorade
Courtesy of Gatorade

#1. The Gx app is great for people in training purgatory.

Sick of doing the same boring “bi’s and back” and “chest and tri’s” splits, but you’re not sure what you want to do next? Having a defined goal is critical to finding success. Think about it: Saying you “want to be stronger” or “aim to get faster” without listing benchmarks or measurable metrics leaves the door open to you perceiving you haven’t done enough or fell short of the mission.

However, when you pinpoint a measurable goal — “I want a quicker first step.” or “I want to build enough endurance to run a marathon.” — it makes it easier to construct a plan of attack.

Not only are the programs offered in Gx clear and defined, but they’re also attached to athletes who have used them to elevate their performance.

For example:

Core Stable and Conditioning with 23x Grand Slam Singles Champion Serena Williams

    • 12 weeks
    • 3-4 workouts per week
    • 45-60 minutes per session

Fast Feet and Explosiveness with 7X Ballon d’Or Winner Lionel Messi

    • 8 weeks
    • 3 workouts per week
    • 60 minutes per session

Not only do you have the roadmap and info to understand who the program is for and how it works, you’ll also have the required equipment and benchmarks to test throughout the duration.

#2. It Works Around Your Lifestyle

Training programs and nutrition and hydration intake shouldn’t be a one-size-fits all concept. Thing is, forking over the dough for a team of trainers or nutritionists likely isn’t in the cards for everyone. The Gx app helps bridge that gap. First, you’ll be prompted to answer some specifics about your lifestyle regarding dietary restrictions, weight, and which recovery tools you have at your disposal. From there, the app digests those answers and generates recommendations regarding hydration, pre-workout prep, and recovery initiatives.

#3. Benchmarks Are Provided For You

When you aren’t sure you’re making progress, frustration can build and can lead to bailing out early. Each program has a set of benchmarks that you’ll do periodically throughout the run of each program that will help you keep tabs on where you’re improving as well as areas you might be lagging.

For example, the First-Step Quickness and Power with 2x NBA All-Star Jayson Tatum program, the bench press and back squat are tested periodically throughout to provide a snapshot at where you are compared to where you were.

#4. The Program Durations Are Realistic

When you see the “Get Abs in 6 Minutes!” or “Bigger Biceps Now!” — those are marketing gimmicks to pull you in. That’s not how it goes, unfortunately. You have to put in the work and take care of your physical and mental health, as well as nutrition, in order to get the most out of each session

Sticking with Tatum’s program listed in No. 3, you’re looking at an 8-week program consisting of three workouts that last 60 minutes apiece. If that doesn’t fit with the time and energy you can commit, there are other programs in the Gx app that will be better suited for you.

#5. You Can Capture Data for Multiple Activities

The GX Sweat Patch works in conjunction with the app; it’s a single-use wearable patch that detects how you sweat during a specific activity. If you slap one on your forearm — pretty much anywhere but your forehead — before you hit the gym or lace up your basketball or pickleball kicks, the patch captures data that you can scan into the app when you’re done. . Use a variety of Sweat Patches to create customized data for activities you do most often and you’ll have modified suggestions and recommendations for future programs and activities.

Or, if you’re a one-sport athlete, the data from the Gx Patch can help you refine your training, hydration, and recovery protocols by giving you an inside look at how your body responds while performing. That said, if you’re a multi-sport athlete or a recreational weakened warrior, you’ll want to create a variety of sweat profiles — each profile can help dictate what recommendations are to be used for similar activities in similar conditions.


Courtesy of Gatorade
Courtesy of Gatorade