Facing Challenges

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Well as most of you know the diet has begun and not only in words. Its only been a week and I was already walking through the grocery store thinking about what I want to eat if I get a cheat meal. Its never really happened this fast, I mean its only been a week and chocolate seems like the greatest thing in the world right about now.

Ah, who cares food cravings are going to come and go but at the end of the next eleven weeks I will be the one with my hand raised. That’s right I said it! I have been plugging away at an IFBB win four five years now and although I came close in 2009 with a controversial loss to Dennis James, close doesn’t mean shit. After that I entered two shows that had former and possible future Mr.Olympia’s in them so winning was a challenge for sure.

This year I am aiming my sights again at the FLEX Pro. Its still early and anyone can jump in but looking at the guys competing now I know I can hold my own against all of them. I have more mass than last year and plan on bringing great conditioning again this year to help separate the workers from the lazy ass’.

If I sound fired up, it's because I am. You can only lose so many times before you start to get pissed off at yourself. I had a rough offseason for a little while but finished it off in great fashion and think I was actually able to salvage it and make some gains. So again, I will be pissed off at myself if I can’t take it too these guys in 2012.

I have cleared my schedule, nothing to focus on except the show. No photo shoots, no appearances, no guest posing, nothing! All I’m doing is training, eating, sleeping and cardio.

I have learned one thing over the thirteen years I’ve been in the game and it wasn’t there before. I F’ing hate cardio! Once I’m there its no big deal, I can kill 30-60min no problem. I’ve noticed in my old age getting my ass of the couch and actually going to do it is the hardest part..lol

Don’t worry though, I’m still the same hard working bodybuilder I have always been and even though I can’t stand getting up to go do cardio, I’m still killin it! The stepmill is my best friend, girlfriend and family for the next eleven weeks and that’s just the way it has to be regardless of how I feel about it.

This is my best chance to date at a pro win and I won’t do anything to sabotage myself or ruin my chances. Many times in life we can look at a challenge that we know we can conquer but somehow something scares us off. We either completely botch the task or we’re able to look it dead in the face and destroy it! How often do you see something you want and walk away from it creating some bullshit excuse as to why you didn’t go for it? I know I’m guilty of doing it but on the road I’m on now there is only one option and that’s to go right through the road block. There is no other option…

Sacrifice Without Regret,
Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad