All the happenings from Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym coming to the FLEX Forums

October 8, 2008


With Weider Headquarters located in the San Fernando Valley and Max Muscle Venice in the heart of the Mecca, we’ve got things covered as far as west-coast happenings go. Now, thanks to IFBB Judge and NPC New York Chairman Steve Weinberger and IFBB Hall of Famer Bev Francis, owners of Bev Francis’ Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY, we’ll have you covered on the east coast as well.

Every week Steve and Bev will be updating their thread on the forums, as they bring us the latest in a line of star-studded visitors who show up to train at what is fast becoming known as Bodybuilding’s East Coast Mecca.

Check out the thread LIFE IN THE EAST COAST MECCA and get a taste for what’s been happening on the east coast at Bev Francis’ Powerhouse Gym.

Check out the official website for Bev Francis’ Powerhouse Gym.