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In the December issue, Team Flex reviews the 2012 Mr Olympia. Flex Writer Greg Merrit captures the essence in this introductory:

This one is different. In previous Olympias, there were respectful rivalries and mild controversies and occasional blowouts, but rarely did the tension rise above a simmer. At last year’s O it was a joyful coronation—one friend peacefully passing the throne to another. On paper, the 48th Mr. Olympia—the cornerstone of Ultimate Nutrition’s 2012 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend, presented by Bodybuilding.com — looked as mellow as a Bikini Olympia.

Without Jay Cutler in the way, Phil Heath would surely romp to a barely contested victory, right? He’d let the love rain down as he builds his dynasty. Not so much. This one is different. From the smack-talking press conference to a pulled punch at prejudging to a turbulent mano-a-mano duel at the finals that ranks as one of bodybuilding’s all-time greatest clashes, it is a brawl. Picture the top dog protecting the choicest bone and growing nastier as other canines—and one big stray in particular—try to rip it away. This Olympia will be neither pleasant nor easy. It won’t just simmer. It will boil.

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