First off, I hope my fans had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I want to give a special shout out to all that have served and are serving our country currently because without you nothing would be possible – you are appreciated not just on this holiday but every single day!

Jay Cutler 1
So, I spent my Memorial Day Weekend back on my home turf in Massachusetts. It’s always great to go back for the Jay Cutler Classic but this time I had the pleasure of doing a Boston Press Tour. On Friday, I got to talk with Jam’n 94.5 FM, which is Boston’s number one Hip-Hop station about the show, fitness tips and some related trending topics. What an awesome group the morning show was – such a fun experience. Check out this clip for a behind-the-scenes look at how much fun we had: Later that afternoon, I went over to WAAF and shot an awesome video which I think you guys are really going to enjoy (will be posted soon).

Saturdays show was an unbelievable turn-out, with over 300 competitors, you guys really gave me a warm welcoming home! My Flex magazine family came by to show support and shoot some video which is available for viewing on – so be sure to check it out.

Jay 3
Jay 2

After a great weekend, I got to head to my hometown to spend Memorial Day with my family. It’s always the best time when I get to see them because it’s not as often as I would like, due to my insane traveling schedule.

Most of you who read my blogs already know that I am on the go non-stop so let me take this time to tell you I appreciate all of your participation, warm comments and awesome feedback regarding the recently launched Cutler Nutrition brand. This coming weekend, I will be in Toronto at the Toronto Pro Show & expo ready to meet my Canadian fans! Hope to see you there.

And remember…keep KILLING IT!