Kai Greene—Bollywood star?

Although he’s still a huge figure in the fitness industry, it’s been a while since the legend has been seen in the bodybuilding world. Hundreds urged him to return to this year’s Mr. Olympia, but it looks like Mr. Getting it Done is exchanging the bodybuilding theater for the movie theater, at least for now.

Greene will reportedly play the villain in Pogaru, an Indian movie that will star Indian actor Dhruva Sarja, known there as the “Action Prince.” The movie’s IMDB page offers no hints of its plot—and Sarja is the only star listed—but the Predator did tease in a recent Instagram video: “If you believe in legends and myths this story is for YOU. (Bro, it’s a true story and only rookies are nonbelievers).”

Check out Greene, standing on what has to be the world’s strongest plastic chair, to squeeze into a group photo with his costars:

There’s also a teaser for the movie, and from the looks of things there’s bound to be plenty of action. Take a look:

We’re not sure when the movie will be released, but the general consensus seems to be sometime next year. Prior reports had it pegged for August 2019, but obviously that won’t be happening as it’s still filming.

Greene recently took a break from the cameras to share a moment with his costar, Sarja.

Greene has been forging a special relationship with India recently. In June, he celebrated the launch of Dynamik Gyms in the country.

Here’s hoping we get an English version of the movie in the United States. Either way, we’re psyched to see Greene on the big screen.