ACIDOPHILUS Known scientifically as Lactobacilus acidophilus, this type of bacterium is commonly found in the digestive tract, mainly in the small intestine. It is also found 
in many dairy products, especially yogurt. These bacteria 
are considered to be “probiotic” because they help the body maintain or restore its normal balance of helpful bacteria. Having the normal balance of helpful bacteria is not only critical for digestive health but it also promotes better immune function and can even aid fat loss.

GLUTAMINE This amino acid has a multitude of functions that benefit bodybuilders. Not only is it important for muscle growth, but it’s also a critical fuel source for the digestive tract. It’s important to maintain the health and normal function of your digestive system, as you need it to properly absorb the nutrients required for energy and muscle growth. It also keeps your immune function in tip-top shape, which keeps you from getting sick and missing workouts.

TAKE IT LIKE THIS Take enough acidophilus to provide
 10 billion colony-forming units daily for approximately two weeks, and then follow with 1–2 billion cfu daily for maintenance. Take 5–10 grams of glutamine in the morning, 30–60 minutes preworkout, immediately after workouts and 30–60 minutes before bed.