The most recent Mr. Olympia featured the deepest top 10 since at least 2006. But, winners aside, which O lineup was better? In an attempt to glean an answer, let’s zero in on the fifth-place finisher from each year: “Marvelous” Melvin Anthony in 2006 and this year’s pro sensation, William Bonac. At those Olympias, they were of a similar age, height, and weight. But that’s where the parallels ended.

Blessed with wide clavicles and slim hips, Anthony had one of the most aesthetic physiques of all time. Still, he never possessed enough mass or fine details to challenge the best Goliaths. Though Bonac has a less-than-ideal structure, he’s kept his waist slim as he’s piled on a remarkable amount of dense muscle and gone high-def. When he won the Prague Pro two weeks after the Olympia, he overtook everyone who finished above him at the O except the absent Phil Heath, setting himself up as a top contender for the Sandow in ’17.


 Melvin Anthony 

  • PRO WINS: 3
  • WEIGHT: 230
  • HEIGHT: 5'8"
  • BEST POSE: Front Lat Spread
  • WORST POSE: Side Triceps
  • STRENGTHS: Back, Slim Waist
  • WEAKNESSES: Calves, Arms

 William Bonac 

  • PRO WINS: 6
  • WEIGHT: 232
  • HEIGHT: 5'7"
  • BEST POSE: Rear Double Biceps
  • WORST POSE: Side Triceps
  • STRENGTHS: Quads, Deltoids
  • WEAKNESSES: Chest, Hamstrings