Good Guy Flex Lewis Frees Trapped Bird

3X Olympia 212 Showdown champ Flex Lewis to the rescue.


We couldn't not bring this good news story to you guys. The pace of life is so fast these days that few of us have the time to think about caring for our fellow man and creature, not to mention actually doing something helpful. Well, Flex Lewis showed us what a decent guys he is when he took time out of his day to help a poor bird that caught up in fishing wire. We'll let the man tell you the story in his own words in this Instagram. Fair play to you, Flex! Check it out:

Everyday on the way to the gym i pass a small pond. Subconsciously passing I always would see this bird sunning himself. It's a very impressive site to see with a massive wingspan sitting on the rocks just chilling out and drying off. A day ago I was driving out of @projectflex_fl warehouse gym and I seen cars swerving to avoid something on the road. As I got close there was a Anhinga all caught up with fishing wire, cotton all kinds of crap wrapped around the beak. The Poor thing couldn't open his mouth and was more likely starving. I immediately jumped out the car in the middle the road and chased the bird off the road to catch it. I told @alir87 to come over not realizing she was filming. Once i wrestled the bird down it seemed to know I was there to help. It took me a good several minutes to get all the junk off his beak and when I did the bird opened up his beak like to say thank God and took off to the water. I can only hope he's still alive with a belly full of fish to continue on. Even though I some what felt I saved him. I've stopped twice at the pond to see if he's there.... But nothing. I will keep everyone updated. I will upload the full video on YouTube soon. #BeFlextraordinary #Karma #HopingToSeeYaAgainBud #BewareTheAlligators

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Here's Flex in his natural habitat:

Another great Back session today @projectflex_fl with my boy @ehart_teamflex we hit back every 4-5days which are broken down by two areas firstly upper back then lower with a few upper movements thrown in on the second back day. This exercise (shown) is made up of two motions- starting low (stomach area) for 15-20 reps then super-setting into a higher row up (sternum area) for a additional 10-15reps + failure. Make sure to stretch fully on the bottom end the exercise then on the pull, bring the elbows back at the very top as much as you can, contracting the lats at the top end the exercise. Great for finishing of a workout. #BeFlextraordinary #Repost @ehart_teamflex ・・・ The undisputed 212 champ @flex_lewis showing me how it's done today at @projectflex_fl . Always get the best training and always learning new little twists and tricks to really break everything down

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