Kai Greene on Starring in Generation Iron

The Predator talks about his role as a documentary subject in the groundbreaking bodybuilding film



What do you hope people will come away with aer watching Generation Iron?

At the root of the [bodybuilding] experience is the recognition of personal power and the ability to use it. You’re not a victim of circumstance, genetics, or the permissive will of a deity. You have the power to create your own reality.

It’s through the application of decisions that are made from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep that I’m able to defne myself as a champion. My successes and failures are not a product of the sins of my father or the demonstrations of love by my mother. My own hand decides to create what I will with my life. That’s the biggest lesson this lifestyle teaches.

I got the support I did as a youngster embarking on this journey not because someone expected me to be Mr. Olympia, but because they understood that at the root of this, this young man would be able to devote his energy, anger, whatever, toward developing skills—crafting a physique, following a diet plan—that will carry him through life.

That’s the beauty of this lifestyle, and that’s the lesson I hope people watching the flm come away with. You can create your own destiny. You’re an active participant in that process every day, with every decision you make. And whether you recognize that power in your hand or not, that reality is not one to run from, but one to recognize and embrace. To embrace it puts you in the driver’s seat to create and make of yourself and your life what you will.