The New Guard: Hunter Labrada and Sergio Oliva Jr.

The sons of Lee Labrada and Sergio Oliva follow in their fathers’ footsteps while charting their own bodybuilding glory.


What do each of you consider the other guy’s strengths?

HUNTER: Sergio’s arms are sick! The length of his biceps and how low they insert is just ridiculous.

SERGIO: Hunter has some wheels on him. And he’s young. I told him when I was his age [22] I was a middleweight, and he’s already there. He’s also got a father that cares about him competing and is so smart about bodybuilding; that’s what I envy most, in a friendly way. I think Hunter has the potential to be a better bodybuilder than I will be. Sergio, you’ve got your father’s arms. How do you train them?

SERGIO: Yeah [matter-of-factly], I don’t really do arms. When I’m getting ready for a show I’ll throw them in on a Saturday. Because of my dad, every time I work out back, chest, or shoulders, my arms grow. Which is funny because my chest and my back need the most work!

What’s it like training together?

HUNTER: The first time Sergio came down [to Texas where Labrada Nutrition is headquartered], we decided to go train shoulders. I didn’t know what to expect because some people don’t train that hard, don’t train that intensely—it’s like they coast. But we got into the gym and we were on the same page about the exercises we wanted to do, the amount of rest we wanted between sets, the whole nine yards. We popped the headphones in and really didn’t talk for the next hour and 15 minutes.

SERGIO: Hunter trains smart and Hunter trains hard!

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